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Introducing: Why Split should be your next coworking location.

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As we start to present the reasons why Split should be your next coworking location, we thought we'd introduce a few overarching key reasons why current coworkers come here.

Escape the Schengen

With the majority of our coworkers coming from countries outside Europe, they can enjoy 3 months in Croatia whilst waiting for their Schengen application to reset since they can only spend 3 months out of 6 in the zone.

Be warned - this won't last forever, as Croatia are obliged to join at some stage, so check before you come or drop us an e-mail.

Low cost of living

Compared to many of their EU counterparts, Croatia has a relatively low cost of living - especially where rent is concerned. Sure the prices are hiked during the tourist season, but with the off-peak season being really bad, you can drive a hard bargain on AirBnB.

Natural wonders

With 8 national parks, over 1000 islands or islets, 24 mountains higher than 1000m, waterfalls, lakes and a coastline to die for, any nature lover, hiker or biker can get out and relax during their rest from work.

Unknown, untouched and safe

When coworkers tell their friends or family they're going to Croatia, people respond 'where?!' and sometimes 'oh isn't there a war there'. Come here and you can tell them exactly where it is (just east of Italy normally does the trick) and also how safe it is here, especially in Split.

Next week...

That's a brief introduction to whet your appetite, next week we will be thinking more local and showcasing Split. 


Vidimo se! 


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