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Why Split should be your next co-working destination: Architecture

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Ancient ruins

If you know a little about the history of Split and Croatia you will know all the influences that have swept through over the years. This has left Split with a plethora of architectural styles – including gothic, renaissance and baroque. These buildings are beautiful and their proximity to one another means you can easily compare and contrast each one. We're not even going to both mentioning the irresistible Diocletian's Palace and cathedral!

Modern twists

But Split has also been through a lot of modern alterations. Throughout socialism, high rise brutalist apartment blocks sprung up everywhere. Perhaps not so easy on the eye, the provided the population of Split somewhere to sleep closer to the jobs they had before. This has also meant Split wasn’t a sprawling city, although times are changing. More recently Splitska Banka has built a brand spanking new glass building to perhaps hint at the future of what Split architecture will consist of.

Our coworking office is situated in Split 3, so you'll have the more residential sights around you and the less impressive old Splitska Banka building. Luckily our sea view makes up for this!

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