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Why Split should be your next co-working destination: Family Spirit

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All generations in one place

This may be a bit of a strange reason for you to come to Split, since you are probably far away from your family, but by seeing other families together it will hopefully comfort you and maybe encourage you to contact them more. Just like in many other Mediterranean-style cultures, the family unit here, for the majority, is very tight. Quite often sons and daughters will live with their parents into their twenties and sometimes thirties, until they have a partner or are able to move out. It’s not seen as a bad thing, moreover something of necessity and normality.

Planning for the future

As you walk through Split have a look at the houses around you in the residential neighbourhoods. Some may look like 3 or 4 storeys high, but they will have been split into four apartments instead. These are o that when the children are old enough they can move upstairs or downstairs, and still remain together as a family. They can continue to look after each other as they get older, thus solving the problem of the lack of older people care here. Even if you are only in Split for a while, you will see families walking together around Marjan, or going for coffee together, sometimes with 4 generations in the same place. It is a refreshing view for people who have grown up in places where the value of family is slowly diminishing.

So join our Amosfera coworking family when you’re in Split, and we’ll treat you like we treat our brothers or sisters.

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