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Why Split should be your next co-working destination: Festive Spirit

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Christmas Carols and Techno Beats

As with most cities during the Christmas period, Split too has its own Christmas market with its own peculiarities. Walking along the main Riva will take you past a range of 'kučice', offering anything gifts or products like olive oil, soaps, toys and Christmas decorations. However the most popular places are those selling food and drink, with plenty of seats and heatlamps to keep the chill away on what are relatively mild winter nights.

Dancing and singing all around

Most places around town have 'kuhano vino' (mulled wine) and 'kobasica' (sausages) on offer for the festive spirit, but occasionally you will come across some more local offers such as 'kuhana rakija' - a stronger version of mulled wine and 'fritule', a sweet most similar to choux buns or profiteroles. Furthermore, it's best to arrive later in the evening, when the decorated areas fill up and you get locals singing and dancing to local and international music.

So if you fancy a milder festive period, with a few local touches, and plenty of meat and drink, come to Split in December!

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