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Why Split should be your next co-working destination: Fresh fish

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Sea bream, monkfish, sardines

fish market split croatia

Maybe we're obsessed with food here, but it really is for a good reason. Split and its surroundings provides you with a bunch of fresh produce that will transform your eating habits, especially when you are used to buying ready meals from the supermarket every evening!

The fish on offer is another example of the fine food available. Every morning you should get to the fish market in the centre of the old town early, to make sure you get the finest picks of last night's best catch. There'll be people pulling trolleys of fish from the harbour, passing it onto their sellers, who then barter with customers and pack their fish. Don't want to gut and fillet it yourself? Take it inside and there are a line of people waiting to do it for you.

Riba tri puta pliva: prvi put u moru, drugi put u ulju,

a treći put u vinu

fish market split croatia

But for most fish, you don't need to fillet them. You should just drizzle them in local olive oil, and either put them in a pan or the oven. Add some fresh lemon from the green market and some sea salt and voila, a meal fit for a king! An old saying says that a fish must swim three times - once in the sea, once in oil and once with wine, so make sure you have a good glass of wine to accompany the meal. If you aren't great at cooking, then fish platters can be see on the menu on every restaurant, especially by the sea.

So now we've covered both the green and fish market, we really hope we've whet your appetite for coworking in Split!

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