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Why Split should be your next co-working destination: Language

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Što? Ča? Kaj?

If you're a lover of languages then give Hrvatski a chance! Standard Croatian is the official language of Croatia, but as you move from place to place you start to see and hear the differences between the dialects spoken. Thankfully for native English speakers, it uses the Latin alphabet and most letters are similar to English, providing a bit of help the first time you're here and open a menu to order. The main things to remember, in layman's terms, is any letter with an accent on top adds an 'h' after that letter, so č is ch, and the letter j is pronounced like an English y.

Similar mindset, different dialect

Split and the islands have their own charm when it comes to the language. Just with many local dialects, letters are lost or changed. 'Ne znam' becomes 'ne znan' (I don't know) and lijepo becomes lipo (nice). As you travel around smaller towns and villages in the region you might end up not understanding anything.

With a fairly settled population, dialects are strong, and the influence of Italian can be heard all over, sometimes even people from Split have trouble understanding people from the islands. Luckily for them, any question can be answered with two letters 'a e'. Total Hvar has a few YouTube videos where you can learn more before coming here as a coworker!

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