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Why Split should be your next co-working destination: Museums and galleries

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Roman ruins, religious relics.

On those occasional miserable days where the wind is blowing rain in every direction, your umbrella is broken and the bottom of your jeans are wet, you could stay at home or go to the shopping mall (Split has 3 now!), but we would recommend a trip to one of the museums or galleries. They range in subject, size and difficulty to locate but they are all worth it.

Local art and sculptures.

One of our favourite places is the Ethnographic Museum in the palace which showcases clothing, trades and instruments. We also love a trip to Mestrovic Gallery which exhibits both art and sculptures and is set on impressive grounds with a coffee shop for a refreshment before or after. There are numerous art galleries dotted around the city which are sometimes hard to find, but one you won't miss is the Galerija Umjetnina, with a large collection of art and changing exhibitions.

They're just a few examples that we like, but you can find out more here:

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