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Why Split should be your next co-working destination: OPGs

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Handmade and heartfelt goods.

We've talked about the importance of family, the amazing products on the green market as well as a few local products but forgot to tell you where they came from. Introducing the OPG (oh-peh-geh), a family business that usually works in producing some sort of agricultural products. The ones they produce come from generations of experience, hard work and we're quite sure some blood, sweat and tears. Unfortunately, like anywhere these days, the numbers are declining, so we try to support them when we can, buying from local fairs and markets when they pop-up.

Regional tastes and techniques

As well as at the main green market, you will find OPGs showcasing their goods at various fairs that take place throughout the year. Sometimes they are on the Riva, sometimes in Prokurative, and that's just Split. In each town or village in Dalmatia they have their own fairs to showcase local goods. Think - sweet dried figs, smooth organic honey, creamy goat's cheese, tangy jams and flavoursome sauces. Sometimes they appear where you don't expect them to - a petrol station or on the boat.

They'll normally let you try before you buy as well, so have a taste and then buy the whole lot.

Another culinary tale as to why you should cowork next in Split!

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