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Why Split should be your next co-working destination: Opportunity and growth

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Hidden business gems

Shhh, don’t tell anyone, but Split is full of opportunity that we, as entrepreneurs see, and others don’t. Croatia isn’t well known for being an investment haven, and the bureaucracy can sometimes be a bit crazy, but then again where isn’t it. Having heard from coworkers from different countries, it’s really only been in the past 10 to 15 years where systems and procedures have been fine-tuned to encourage entrepreneurs. Now we must wait for Croatia to catch up, or maybe we don't wait.

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There are NGOs committed to encouraging entrepreneurs, IT and startups​.

Tourism is growing year on year

There’s no time like the present, and Split is a becoming a booming tourist destination and has a growing university. It caters for families along the coast and in many of the islands, party goers in Split and in Hvar, and cultural trips in the old town and in a few towns around Split, such as Solin, Klis and Šibenik to name but a few. More and more individuals are encouraging a startup ecosystem and entrepreneurial thought, so it won’t be long before more than a few are chasing those opportunities.

Break Time saw the opportunity and dropped their anchor!

So if you have a good idea, or offer something that might be unique in Croatia, then come by and work from our space. We have contacts, ideas and tips to share, as we want to see Split develop as a thriving city where ideas can flourish.

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