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Why Split should be your next co-working destination: Rakija

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What’s your poison?

Back to alcohol, and this a drink for everyone. Rakija is a fruit brandy, and a drink you can find all over this part of Europe. It comes in many different flavours (that's why we have the plums below), which means when someone calls out ‘shots’ at the bar, don’t be afraid, just know which is your favourite. The other thing here is Rakija is to be enjoyed, rather than downed in one.

A drink for all occasions

It can warm you up on a cold evening, provide a break from your usual drink, or be served as a starter such as Travarica. This is a rakija made using a mix of herbs and may remind you of a medicine more than an alcoholic drink. On the other hand, Orahovica is made from nuts and quite a pleasant drink at any time of day. If you have a sweet tooth then we would suggest Medovica (from honey) of Višnjica (from cherry). Some bars even have a rakija tasting rack so you can try a few and find your favourite.

So come to Split, and after a productive day of coworking you can discover your new tipple! Živjeli!

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