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Hoćeš li na kavu?

You will be asked this at least once a day when you co-work with us at Amosfera.

Coffee is a serious business here in Split. Coffee time is when you discuss politics, football, work or just gossip about family, friends, colleagues or that stranger's clothes. It can last up to two hours, and don't think about ordering a second coffee, it's not necessary. If you're peckish, then bring some baked goods with you as most coffee shops don't sell cakes or snacks. They'll even wish you 'Dobar tek' when you start eating.

Going for coffee gives you the break you should take from work in order to recharge your batteries and be more productive after a lethargic start to the day, especially a Monday.

But forget your takeaway latte or your 16oz cappuccino. Coffee isn't done the same way here. Instead kick back as you sit in the sun sipping on an espresso, an espresso with a shot of milk, or an espresso with two shots of milk. Cappuccinos and white coffees are available, but don't expect them to be the size of your favourite coffee shop back at home.

Every kafić (cafe) has it's own preference of provider - be it Julius Meinl (http://shop.meinl.com/default), Illy (http://shop.illy.com/online/store/home_us) and Franck (http://www.franck.eu/en/). Slowly coffee shops here are sourcing their own coffee, but for now just find the coffee shop that is has the right coffee for you, and stick with it. Soon they'll know what you're having without asking.

You will often find us in one of the following cafes - drop by for a drink and say hi!

Caffe Bar Academia

Dreamers Caffe

Retro caffe split

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