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Why Split should be your next co-working location - Green Markets

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credit:Michael Gall split croatia pazar market

Photo credit: Michael Gall. Title: Man selling produce.

Buy seasonal and eat healthy

Step away from convenience stores and go back to how people used to shop before everything was shoved in one place. Taking a trip to a green market should be part of your daily or weekly schedule here. There is a large one near the city centre, but each part of the city has a smaller version. Our local green market is a five minute walk away from the coworking space with equally good selection. You'll also be able to tell who grows their produce at home by the quantity and type of fruit or vegetable they have. They might look odd shaped, dirty and not as shiny as you see in the stores, but that's a sign of organically and traditionally grown goods!

credit:Michael Gall selling garlic

Photo credit: Michael Gall. Photo title: Market hustle

A hotspot for visitors and locals alike

Believe it or not, the central green market (pazar) appears in the top three places to shop in Split on TripAdvisor. A mighty feat for any market, but where else can you find such a feast for your eyes and bellies. Walk around and get offered free samples of whatever is seasonal (please come when it's strawberries rather than blitva/chard), as well as the year round selection of dried or cured meats and cheeses. See the older ladies from the surrounding villages doing their best to sell what they've grown in their backyard, dressed in traditional clothes. Enjoy the hubbub and hustle as people grab what they need for their lunch later on, sometimes adorned with a bunch of flowers from the other end of the market or a bottle of wine.

So bring your own bags, be a local for a day and source yourself something healthy for lunch and dinner.

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