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Why Split should be your next co-working location - the Men

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Fans and fathers

We've already discussed the women, so now it's the men's turn. The majority of the local men are tall with a strong build, thanks to the numerous meals of 'peka' they've indulged in over the years and the tradition of the shipping industry here. Fair enough, you may see a few gents with a few extra pounds (blame the beer), but generally speaking the men are just as sporty as their female counterparts.

You'll see them out in the evening or at the weekend, walking along with ease, pushing a pram or stroller, and giving the hardworking mums a rest or maybe the chance to catch up with the girls. You'll see the younger generation of men adorned in Hajduk Split colours (the local football team), with a scarf tucked into their jeans as they make their way to or from the football match.

Politics over pivo

Just like the women, the men like to chat too. They're happy to talk about a wide range of subjects, from football to food, and from politics to partying. They will tell you how beautiful their city is, the best places to eat and drink, and share their opinions too - perhaps over a beer or a shot of rakija. In some parts of the city, you will see the older generation, gathered on benches or hunched over a few chess boards, chatting, laughing and playing away.

Overall, the people of Split are very chatty, into their own style and hobbies, and the biggest ambassadors of their own city. They have their own quirks but that adds to the charm of the people and the place.

Come and see for yourself!

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