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Why Split should be your next co-working location - the Women

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On the Riva

Move over Paris and Milan, the women of Split know how to dress up (the men too, but more of that next week). Whether it's popping out for some bread, going for a stroll along the waterfront or heading to a bar on a Friday night, most Split women will put on something nice. The main coffee drinking area (the Riva) transforms into a catwalk on Sunday mornings, when the whole city comes out in their Sunday best to see and be seen while catching up over coffee. There was even a Facebook page that was dedicated to finding the best dressed in Split.

Photo credit: brownpau | Title: Along the Riva, Split, Croatia

Fit and healthy

When they're not dressing up to meet their friends, you'll probably see them in their sports clothes, heading to the gym or out for a jog. Marjan doubles up as Split's fitness hub. Here you'll find the women of Split doing yoga, climbing, or swimming around the park any time of day. They know that to look their best they have to exercise, and Split is a buzzing sporty city because of this.

blanka vlasic sportswoman split croatia

Blanka Vlašić - an athlete from Split

Who's the boss?

With a healthy body, comes a healthy mind, and the women of Split are strong-willed and intelligent. They often know what they want and are passionate about their beliefs. They're happy to chat, and some may think they seem cold at first, but if you sit down with them in a social setting you'll be rewarded with a warm smile and humorous conversation. You'll also see the mums or grans making sure their husbands are behaving, but when free of the men, they make the most of women-only time.

So if you're looking for love or just some new friends to go jogging, for coffee or a spa day, then Split is the place for you!

Next week, we'll look at why Split should be your next co-working location - the Men

A special thanks to Gillian Miller for co-writing this piece.

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